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The latest issue by International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences

International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences (IJFANS)
Volume 4, Issue 3, April-June, 2015

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Enhancing the antimicrobial activity of nigella sativa crude oil by combination with some aroma compounds

Hamdy A. Shaaban, Asmaa A. Taha and Amr E. Edris


The bacteriological quality of bulk tank milk in the czech republic

Kateřina Bogdanovičová, Alena Skočková2, Ivana Koláčková, Zora Šťástková and Renáta Karpíšková,


Fatty food, fatty acids, healthy sunflower olive

Anatoly p. Levitsky and inga l. Potapova


Evaluation yogurt fortified with vegetable and fruit juice as a natural sources of antioxidant

Ahmed. S. Gad, Ebtisam I. Ghita, Hala M.F. El-Din, Sanaa M. A. Badran And Tamer M. El-Messery


Omega-3 fatty acids improve lipid metabolism and inflammatory markers in patients with heart failure undergoing exercise training

Fernanda Da Silva Casagrande, Vitor Giatte Angarten, Anderson Zampier Ulbrich, Raul Cavalcante Maranhão, Tales De Carvalho and Edson Luiz Da Silva


Dissipation and risk analysis of dimethoate in open field and poly house tomato and risk mitigation methods of removal of dimethoate residues for food safety

Sudhakar. S. Kelageri, Cherukuri Sreenivasa Rao, Shashi. V. Bhushan and Narayana. P. Reddy


Kinetics of colour change and quality parameters of uncoated and sodium alginate coated dehydrated pineapple samples during storage

Charanjiv Singh and Sharma H.K



Mathematical modeling of foam-mat dried pumpkin pulp

Sudipta Das, Soumitra Banerjee and Jayati Pal


Studies on the retention of iron, zinc, phytate and polyphenols content in different raw varieties and cooked recipes of pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides) in nagaur, a desert district of Rajasthan

Madhu B. Singh, J. Lakshminarayana and Neetu Parihar


Biochemical, organoleptic and anti-microbial assessment of lotus stem (Nelumbo nucifera)

Jyoti D. Vora and Padma Srinivasan


Simple steps for preventing diabetes

Kirti Purohit and Charu Maheshwari


Studies on comparison of anthropometry and body composition of Punjabi adult males engaged in varied occupations

Naina Bhatt, Kiran Bains and Renuka Aggarwal


Socioeconomic status, physical activity, and sedentary lifestyle of obese school children 6-15 years of age

S.Brinda Devi and K.Anusuya Devi


Characterisation of indigenous lactic acid bacteria and survival studies in response to acid and bile stress

Nissey Sunil and Jyoti D Vora


Effect of personalized counselling as a tool for behaviour change communication  for improving the nutritional status and iycf practices of children(0-5years) in under 5 clinic and day care centre, south 24 parganas, west Bengal

Chitrarpita Saha, Aditi Roy Chowdhury and Vanisha S Nambiar


Influence of Mass Media Exposure on BMI of Youth

Sangeeta C Sindhu and Milli


Study of eating habits for children with autism at Vijayawada city

T.S.Prabhakar, R.Rekha and N.S.Vital Rao


analysis of Physiochemical and functional characteristics of millets

P.Nazni and J.Bhuvaneswari


Study of acute kidney injury in children admitted to pediatric intensive care unit

T.S.Prabhakar, G.Deepthi, R.Rekha and N.S.Vital Rao


Microencapsulation techniques applicable to food flavours research and development a comprehensive review

Vedpal Yadav, Alka Sharma and S K Singh


The use of whey protein isolate in microencapsulation of curcumin

Awad, R.A.; Hassan, Z. M. R.; Farrag, A. F, El-Sayed M.M. And Soliman, T.N.


Osmotic dehydration of mackerel (scomber japonicus) fillets by means of binary and ternary solutions

Silvina Paola Agustinelli,  Viviana Olga Salvadori And María Isabel Yeannes


Dietary pattern of children in north eastern Karnataka with reference to high value agriculture commodities

F Thasnimol, H. Lokesha, M. R. Kammar, Amrutha T Joshi and Siddayya


Optimization of fiber rich foxtail millet bran chappatis using response surface methodology

P.Nazni and S.Gomathi