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The latest issue by International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences

International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences (IJFANS)
Volume 4, Issue 1, January - March, 2015

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The nutritive value of two sorghum cultivar

Amir M. Awadelkareem, Eiman G. Hassan, Aisha Sheikh M. Fageer, Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman And Abdel Moniem I. Mustafa


Simple nutritional intervention improved hyperphosphatemia in hemodialysis egyptian patientss

Nadia Youssef Sadek Morcos, Ezzat Abdel-Rahman El Etreby, Maha Moustafa Kamal And Zeinab Al Saadeid


Interaction between some plants tannins and milk proteisn

Hala Mohamed Faker El-Din, Tamer Mohammed El-Messery, Nayra Shaker Mehanna, Ali Abd-Elaziz Ali, Zakaria Mohamed Rezk Hassan And Ryszard Amarowicz


Determination of interaction between some planet tannins and milk proteins by HPLC

Tamer Mohammed El-Messery, Hala Mohamed Faker El-Din, Nayra Shaker Mehanna, Ali Abd-Elaziz Ali, Zakaria Mohamed Rezk Hassan, Ryszard Amarowicz


Effect of eumicrotremus orbis water extracts on the expression of proteins related to lipid metabolism in obese mice

Byoung-Mok Kim, Heang-Jeun Heo, Jae-Ho Park, Jin-Tack Hwang, Dong-Soo Kim, In-Hack Jeong, And Young-Min Chi


The use of artichoke (cynara scolymus, l) extracts for the production of tallaga cheese

Amira M. El- Kholy


Food security: a parallelism test between rice production and consumption speeds in the world

Hans Patrick Bidias Menik And Félix Meutchieye 


Optimization of nutritionally rich instant porridge with sprouted legumes, malted millets and papaya and its comparison with conventional porridge in terms of textural, rheological and particle size properties

Dipika Agrahar Murugkar,   Paridhi  Gulati,  Nachiket Kotwaliwale, Chetan  Gupta,  Subir Kumar  Chakraborty And Aiman


effect of germination on nutritional quality of barley

Warle B. M., Riar C. S., Gaikwad S.S. and Mane V. A


Protective role of Aloe Vera wine against oxidative stress induced by salmonella infection in a murine model

Neetika Trivedi, Praveen Rishi and Sanjeev Kumar Soni


Use of fermentation and malting for development of ready-to-use complementary food mixes

Neha Lohia and Shobha A. Udipi


Incorporation of chia seeds in fruit punch, kheer, smoothie and its sensory evaluation

Rekha Battalwar and Vaidehi Shah


Fatty acid composition of fruit pulp and seed oils of himalayan seabuckthorn (hippophae l)

Virendra Singh and Rajesh Gupta


Organoleptic and nutritional evaluation of aloe vera (aloe barbadensis miller) products

Gurpreet Kaur,Paramjit Chawla and Jyoti Sinha


Evaluation of organoleptic properties of beetroot green pulp incorporated vanilla ice cream

Shukla Sudha and Daniel Madhvi


Studies on the effect of different dietary protein levels of soyabean meal on growth, survival and carcass composition of litopenaeus vannamei(boone, 1931)

Bhanu Prakash. Ch, T. K. Ghosh, Koteswar. B, Alok Rajak and, Sanjeev Kumar


Effect of cooking methods on   β carotene, anthocyanin, vitamin c and antioxidant content of sweet potato

Jyoti Sinha, Paramjit Chawla and Hira Singh


Supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-co2) extraction of bioactive compounds from mulberry (morus alba l) leaves: process optimization

Ramya.V and  Udaykumar Nidoni


Study on organoleptic characterization of jelly supplemented with hydrocolloids using response surface methodology

P.Nazni and S.Benazir


Determinants of overweight and obesity among urban and rural college girls

Aprajita Ranjit, Kiran Bains and Amrit Kaur


Dietary exposure to pesticide residues by various physiological groups of population in Andhra Pradeshsouth india

Padmaja R. Jonnalagadda, Sudershan Rao .V, Vishnu Vardhana Rao.M and Kalpagam Polasa


Fenugreek: a treasure of bioactive compounds with promising antidiabetic potential

Omi Laila and Imtiyaz Murtaza


Covariates of obesity among affluent khatri boys and girls of chandigarh aged 11 to 17 years

Bhavneet Kaur and Indu Talwar


Effect of dietary polyphenols on hemoglobin level of adolescent girls of Haryana (India)

Latesh and Veena Garg


The correlation of anthropometric measurement with blood pressure as an indicator of cardiovascular risk among urban college going girls in northern India

Md.Amirul Hassan And Muktyaz Hussein


Gender specific association of angiotensinogen gene polymorphisms with hupertension

Manisha Patnaik, Pallabi Pati, Surendra N Swain, Manoj K Mohapatra, Bhagirathi Dwibedi, Shantanu K Kar And Manoranjan Ranjit


Active packaging: concepts and applications

Shivalkar Yadav. K and Prabha. R and K. Renuka



Subash, R., Elango, A., Pandiyan, C., Karthikeyan, N., and Kumaresan,G.


assessment of hypoglycemic effect of apple cider vinegar in type 2 diabetes

P. Nazni, Ravinder Singh, R. Shobana Devi, Harpreet Singh, Swarnoor Singh, Kamalpreet Singh and Harman deep Singh and Shiv Kumar