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The latest issue by International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences

International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences (IJFANS)
Volume 4, Issue 5, October-December, 2015

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Characterization of french victoria pineapple antioxidant micronutrients and polyphenol protective effect on preadipose cells exposed to oxidative stress

Axelle Septembre-Malaterre, Sarah Hatia, Laura Lallemand, Maya Césari, Elisabeth Douraguia, Teddy Libelle and Marie-Paule Gonthier


Using local white corn as a substitute to imported yellow corn in food extrusion industry

Ahmed Ramy M. Abd-Ellatif, Amir A. Ibrahim and Gamal H. Ragab


Nutritional status of baked dockounou formulated with senescent plantain and six sell flours

Kouadio N. Joseph, Koua A-Y. Gisèle, Cissé Mariam, Kra K. A. Séverin and Niamké L. Sébastien


Estimation of insecticide residue in date palm fruits after controlling the red palm weevil

Abd Rabou. E, Hussain, S. F.Elsharabasy and W.L. Abouamer


Studies on encapsulated enzymes to accelerate proteolyses in cheddar cheese

Sasikumar, R, Jha, Y.K  and Chakkaravarthi, S


Moisture analysis of whole mung bean and red lentil by domestic microwave oven

Chitra Gautam, Shashikant Sadistap and Utpal Sarma


Development of multigrain product (muffins)

Chaitali Limbachiya and Bijal Amin


Food label use: a study of Punjab agricultural university faculty

Ramandeep Kaur and Sonika Sharma


Effect of feed and machine parameters on physical properties of extrudate during extrusion cooking of pearl millet, sorghum and soybean flour blends

Yatin, M.K.Garg, Vijay K Singh and D.K.Sharma


Development of a nutritious infant food premix using household food processing techniques

Pushpa Sharma and Vandana Sabharwal


Nutritional, physico-chemical and functional properties of ready-to-use chickpea and soybean flour

Snehal Doke and Manisha Guha


Formulation of value added nutritious instant daliya mix

Amruta S. Lohekar and Asha B. Arya


Storage study of bael (aegle marmelos correa) fruit and pulp of cv. Pant sujata

B.R. Jana and Madhumita Singh


Functional, pasting and thermal characteristics of millet starch

P.Nazni and J.Bhuvaneswari


Effect on ph, tss, acidity, ascorbic acid and sensory attributes during storage period of rts made from beetroot, orange and ginger juice

Dambalkar V. S., Rudrawar B. D. and Poojari V. R.


Impact of drumstick (moringa oleifera) leaf tablet on lipid profile of selected diabetic patients

V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari, K. Geetha and D.Malathi


To evaluate the lipid profile of patients with hypothyroidism

Jyoti Jha, Nishi Kant, Darbari Lal and H.K.Baruah


A study on chronic renal failure associated with metabolic syndrome and its nutritional assessment in Allahabad district

Gautam Luxmi, Paul Virginia and Srivastava Richa


Partial purification of proteolytic enzymes and characterization of trypsin from merluccius hubbsi by-products

Daniela L. Lamas, María I. Yeannes and Agueda E. Massa


Production and optimisation of mango juice clarification using a manually pressurised filter at medium scale level in rusitu valley, zimbabwe

Chawafambira Armistice, Namalawa Stanley.T and Mpofu Augustine